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Don't Let Conflict Rob You of Time, Money, and Peace of Mind...

Call today and get help resolving your conflict in a peaceful, affordable, and confidential manner.

Services Include:


Relationship Mediation (Personal & Professional)

Marital Relationship Mediation

Divorce Mediation

Post-decree Mediation

Create/Revise Parenting Plans

Parenting Coordinator

Conflict Coaching

Organizational Consulting

Educational Workshops

Terry is a Certified Mediator through the American Association
for Christian Counselors

What is Christian Conciliation/Mediation?

Christian conciliation is a process of resolving disputes and reconciling people when desired in a peaceful and biblically faithful manner. An impartial third-party facilitates a meeting between the disputing parties and assists them in finding mutually acceptable solutions to their conflict.

What Types of Disputes are Appropriate for Conciliation/Mediation?

Any dispute including:
  • Family/Marital/Elders/Teens
  • Workplace/Employment
  • Divorce/Custody/Parenting Plans
  • Community Issues/Neighbors/HOAs
  • Church/Congregational Disputes                                             
  • Consumer/Business

Should Christians Avoid Taking Their Disputes to Court?

Yes! God instructs Christians to resolve their disputes with the assistance of other Christians and not to go before unbelievers in court, Matthew 18:15-20, 1 Corinthians 6:6.

There may be instances where court becomes necessary, but hopefully all other options will have been exhausted.

 Saving Your Marriage or Divorcing With Dignity

Sometimes marriages can be saved, even when one or both parties think it's impossible.

I invite you to try marital relationship mediation...

This is not couples therapy. It's and effective means for resoving marital conflict. With the help of the mediator, couples work toward gaining a better understanding of their conflict and its roots. Additionally, they learn to improve their communication and conflict resolution skills. 

Understandably the decision to divorce is difficult and painful...

If it's the option you've both chosen, I can help you through your divorce
without destroying one another, your children, and your finances

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