When people come together whether for business, employment, religious, or personal reasons we often discover that we have opposing interests, differing expectations, and diverse communication styles.

All of these factors often lead to conflict. Not surprisingly, the costs of unmanaged conflict jeopardize business, family, personal and professional success.

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Providing faith-integrated and traditional mediation and conflict management services


Providing divorce mediation, family mediation, employment mediation, mediation in a variety of contexts. Helping to resolve church conflict, workplace conflict, family conflict, business conflict, marriage conflict, and relationship conflict, both personal and professional.  Also provided court-appointed parenting coordinator services and court-appointed parenting time supervision. Serving Arizona  - Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, Tempe, Glendale, Peoria, Avondale, Surprise - Valleywide. A Parenting Coordinator can help with those experiencing persistent conflict regarding parenting issues.


Mediation is a highly effective process for settling disputes. This is true for many types of disputes within a variety of contexts.

Mediation is a voluntary process whereby a neutral third party facilitates a meeting between the parties.

The mediator is there to guide the parties toward cooperative negotiation while exploring possible solutions for their dispute.

The good news is that mediation has a very high success rate. 

Don't let conflict rob you of time, money and peace of mind...

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What Types of Disputes are Appropriate for Mediation?

Any dispute including:
Divorce/Custody/Parenting Plans
Community Issues/Neighbors/HOAs
Church/Congregational Disputes                                            


Relationship Mediation

Improving personal and professional relationships.

Divorce Mediation
Couples can make it through their divorce with dignity and without destroying one another, their children, and their finances. Even though you may be overcome with hurt and fear - you can with the help of an experienced mediator create your own divorce agreement.

Post-decree Mediation

Are you struggling with post-divorce parenting issues? Mediation is a wise choice for post-divorce disputes. Don't hold your children hostage to your conflict, seek help, most mediations are successful. 

Court-Appointed Parenting Coordinator
Are you continually in conflict with your ex-spouse over parenting issues and decisions? If you've not been able to resolve your issues in mediation, a court-appointed parenting coordinator can help. Click here for more information.

Court-Appointed Parenting Time Supervisor
This service is provided out in the community so parents and children can experience a more natural parenting experience. Please call for more information.

Family Issues and Mediation
When families are experiencing conflict, mediation provides a safe environment to discuss and explore possible solutions.This includes disputes among adult siblings, extended family, elder parent issues, family business matters, virtually any dispute among family members can typically be successfully managed in mediation.

Church Conflict and Mediation
Even churches are not immune to conflict. Mediation provides an environment for exploring possible solutions with a spirit of cooperation, accommodation, and mutual respect.

Employment/Workplace Mediation
The research findings are clear - unmanaged and poorly managed conflict in the workplace contributes to high turnover, poor performance, low morale, destructive and costly litigation, and reduced profitability, to name a few.

Mediation, Conflict Management, and Communication Skills Training
Training helps reduce conflict in the workplace. Employees become better prepared to address workplace conflict; and managers become more comfortable addressing problems.

The Effects of Unmanaged Conflict in the Workplace
The effects of unmanaged and/or poorly managed conflict are serious and far-reaching with significant emotional and financial costs. Click here for more information.

Conflict Resolution Coaching
Coaching is a process that addresses the specific needs of the individual and/or team. It's a process of guided self-discovery leading to improved personal and professional relationships.

Customized Conflict Resolution Systems
A conflict resolution system provides employees with the assistance they need when facing conflict in the workplace. Moreover, it promotes a climate of shared trust and respect.

Team Conflict
Because of people's individual differences, conflict within a work team is not uncommon. Nor should it be surprising that conflict among team members interferes with productivity and morale.